For who?

The WAAA! workshops are designed for any individual, group or organisations willing to catalyze their creative potentials and establish new communication modes, such as, professional collective of artists, groups of researchers, NGO’s working in the field of social integration, managers, decision making committees, brainstorming teams etc.

WAAA! aims to collaborate in fields suchas humanities and social sciences, scientific research, ecology and other domains where creativity should be a central value.

(to be translated soon) “Vous manquez l’essentiel. Nous n’arrangeons pas les choses dans un ordre : tout simplement, nous facilitons les processus pour que n’importe quoi puisse se produire.”

John Cage

The WAAA! workshops develop the process of Collective Artelligence, by following the D.O.F rules.

namely by :

• working in space, suprasensitive communication, the perception of others.

• play, improvisation, voice, rhythm.

• ego disempowerment, responsability, self awareness.

• transdiciplinary co-création , starting from scratch, from the creative chaos.

• the serendipity attitude (the art of finding what you’re not lookinf for)


The WAAA! workshops require no prior knowledge, only the desire to transform oneself, accepting the uncertain, being in any moment like the new-born, in the « here and now » jubilation.

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities. In the expert’s mind there are few.”

(S. Suzuki. Zen master)

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