World Music

      • Taiga Maya”, Thierry Van Roy (producer, composer, arranger) & Melanie Gabriel (lead vocals, lyrics) . Recorded in Yakutia (Siberia) and Mexico. CD, DVD 10 clips & etnographic film, + short novel “Th Circadian World”, (Naïve, France). See  flyer.

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      • Abdelli Among Brothers“.  Thierry Van Roy, producer, arranger ; recorded in Cape Verde, en Azerbaïdjan, Burkina Faso & Canada). Realworld Records. Best World Music album 2003 in Belgium (Le Soir, 30/12/2004).
      • Yehudi Menuhin presents “All the World Violins”, featuring ie. Stephan Grappelli, Jean-Pierre Catoul, L . Subramaniam, etc.(Virgin Classics UK 1995). Co-producteur.
      • Sound recording of  “Yehudi Menuhin and Ravi Shankar presents : From the guitar to the Sitar” 1997 (DVD), production IYMF/ Johan Ral. Co-producteur son.


      • Yehudi Menuhin presents : “Voices for Peace”, featuring Noah, Myriam Makeba, Marzieh, Yang Du Tso etc (1997). Naive/Auvidis. Co-producer.
      • Farafina : “Nemako” 1997 (Burkina Faso) – Artways Publishing , Vevey, Suisse. Artistic producer.
      • “Heydar Baba” (Yusif Savalan) recorded in Azerbaïdjan. (Azermusic CD101). Sound engineer.
      • Farafina : “Kanou”, recorded in Burkina Faso. (L’empreinte Digitale, Intuition records, production Artways). Artistic producer.
      • Abdelli /“New Moon”, Realworld records. Thierry Van Roy, producer, arranger.
      • Zalnakatar (unreleased). Electronic arrangements on Zairian music, 1985. Winan Mignon (vocals), Thierry Van Roy, producer, arranger, dx7 & PPG wave keyboards, ebow guitar).


La poétique de l’autruche
Rêves fusillés

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