Tao et Noosphère

The Artelligence concept has been inspired by the Tao, the cosmic flow creator of all things, where nothing is real but the here and now, where everything is an infinite movement. In the same perspective, the creation process is in constant evolution, essentially in the present moment, as the future is an illusion creatd by our mind.

“There is nothing permanent except change”


The Artelligence teaches us to be here and now, in the continuing and conscious creation of our own life. It is based on the philosophical concept of Noosphere (of Theilhard the Chardin, french philosopher), a sort of precursor of the internet: we are all connected to a layer of conscience that surrounds the Earth, and that contains all human thoughts since the origin of time ; the brain is merely the interface of this connection, our conscience being probably located somewhere else than in our body.

This specific concept opens up into the infinity of the creative possibilities of the human being, often buried under the burden of his own firmly held beliefs and his personal history.

I the Artelligence,  the creation process is in constant evolution, and the process of what is being created is always more important than the result. The real creation is not about producing, its purpose is to be a process, in the absolute “here and now”, with no defined shape, endlessly.


“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving”

 (Lao zi)


  It is the same for the one who creates.


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