The “Fluid Organic Decision process” (D.O.F) is the methodology of the Collective Artelligence. How is the decision process organized in a group? How to make decisions without taking the power (dictature), refusing it (libertarism), or cope with un unhappy minority (democracy)?

The D.O.F puts forward an alternative way to the usual decision making processes of human groups, by transposing the fluidity of the artistic creation process into any sphere of society. It proposes a random and organic leadership system based on mutual trust, non-judgement, non-competition, acceptance of uncertainty, and disempowerment of the ego.

The D.O.F methodology is at the core of this project. It sets, in the creation process, the organic condition of the  artelligence, which is the faculty of a group to structure itself as a living creature whose every element is a unique organ, recognized, responsible, aware of being in a world where everything is interrelated.



A great part of our communication works through intuition and the inexpressible. The verbal language is ony about exchanging information, and our five senses only show an “air of reality”. The Fluid Organic Decision processs develops our conscience of our own faculty of supra sensitive communication i.e. the perception of the reality existing beyond our senses. Supra sensitive communication makes it possible to meet the other on a higher level, overriding the image that we build of him through our mental cognition.




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