Une transition humaniste, dans le flux du Tao.


We Are All Artelligent!

My concept of Music-Fiction, based on the principle of alternative history, consists in rewriting History of the past or the future and to imagine a music that could have existed or might exist.

Taïga Maya is the traditional music of a future civilisation, born from the fortuitous and virtual encounter of the Siberian Yakuts and the Mayans of southern Mexico a few years after the major Earth disaster of 2012. In a shamanic way, Taïga Maya tries to show the need to be connected to the real essence of life, to Nature, and to open our spirit to the non-ordinary reality that surrounds us.

« The Circadian world » tells the story of a young girl named Taïga Maya and through a narration of the tribulations of her family, demonstrates our total subordination to the rhythms of the cosmos and nature.

Thierry Van Roy

1 “Time Illusion”(5:07)
Traditional, Yakutia/refrain “Grand Finale” composed by Y. Menuhin

2 “Wild Voices” (5:09)
Mari El traditional

3 “Rolling” (5:27)
Lyrics: Melanie Gabriel/music : Thierry Van Roy

4 “Los Celos” (4:24)
Traditional Venezuela

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